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Week 2 NFL Betting Picks Recap

Published on: 23rd September, 2009

Week 2 NFL Betting Picks Recap  | read this item

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Week 2 NFL Betting Recap by Vernon Croy

The second week of the NFL weekend was just as exciting as the first and saw a few upsets along the way. Some more players were injured and more teams were surprised. So who covered the spread and who didn’t? Let’s take a look at the Free NFL Picks and what exactly went down in Week 2 of the NFL season.

Carolina vs. Atlanta- The Falcons were favored in this game by 6 and they did not disappoint. They covered by two points and they seem to be a legitimate team this year. Many people wondered whether they would fall victim to a slight drop-off in production after their turnaround year last season. However, it doesn’t seem that this is the case. The addition of Tony Gonzalez is already paying off as he has two touchdowns in his first two games.

Houston vs. Tennessee- The Texans and the Falcons squared off this week and it didn’t really turn out like anything that was expected. The Titans were favored by 7 going in to the game and it seemed like even more of a lopsided affair when Kevin Walter was ruled out before the game. Many thought that the Titans defense would be able to shut down Andre Johnson with double coverage. However, that logic quickly was overruled when Johnson put up over 100 yards and two touchdowns. The Texans covered the spread by 10.

New England vs. New York Jets- After last week’s dramatic comeback by Tom Brady, he didn’t quite live up to expectations this time around. In a matchup of “Golden Boy” quarterbacks, Mark Sanchez came out on top. The defense appears to be legit in New York as they shut down the Patriots offense and covered the spread by 10.5.

Arizona vs. Jacksonville- Many of the so-called experts thought that the Cardinals were done already and the Jaguars would whip them in Jacksonville. However, the Cardinals had other things to say about that. Kurt Warner put on a show and only had two incompletions all game. The Jaguars were favored by 3 but the Cardinals ended up covering by 17.

Minnesota vs. Detroit- The first half of the game was all Detroit as they went into halftime with the lead. Their defense looked stout and the Matt Stafford to Calvin Johnson connection showed up. Then they played the second half and AP was just too much. He did what he normally does and just dominated the defense again. The Vikes were favored by 10 and they covered by 4.

Seattle vs. San Francisco- Matt Hasslebeck left the game with a broken rib and the Seahawks never recovered. Seneca Wallace came in and led an uninspired effort. The 49ers look to be a much improved team and Frank Gore looks good again. He put up 200 yards rushing and looked like the old Frank Gore again. The Niners were 1 point favorites and they covered by 12.

Cleveland vs. Denver- Cleveland only managed to put up 6 points against the overrated Denver defense. The first half looked to be a replay of the Broncos and Bengals game from last week. However, the Broncos scored a few points in the second half and ended up winning big. Denver was favored by 6 and covered by 18.

New York vs. Dallas- New York was the underdog in this game by 3 and they ended up covering by 5. This was a bizarre game as the Cowboys basically dominated the game except for the constant turnovers. In addition to that, the game featured one of the strangest plays in recent memory as the ball bounced off of the back of Jason Witten’s foot and was intercepted by the Giants.

St. Louis vs. Washington- In one of the most boring games of the year so far, the Rams covered by 8. They were 10 point underdogs to the Redskins, but kept the game close with some good running by Stephen Jackson. If this is the best the Redskins offense can do, they’re going to be in for a long year.

New Orleans vs. Philadelphia- The Saints were favored by 2.5 in this game and they covered in a very big way. They ended up winning the game by 26 points. The loss of McNabb was pretty painful for the Eagles as Kevin Kolb threw several interceptions. In addition to McNabb, Brian Westbrook was injured in the game as well as Desean Jackson. Drew Brees looks like a world-beater again as he threw three touchdown passes.

Oakland vs. Kansas City- The Raiders were dominated for the entire game until the final drive of the game and still somehow won. They only had 97 yards of offense going into the final drive while Kansas City had over 400 yards. Then the Raiders finally got something going and scored the go-ahead touchdown to win it. The Chiefs were doomed by two interceptions and a play that allowed the clock to run out in the first half before a field goal could be kicked.

Cincinnati vs. Green Bay- The Packers were favored big in this game and the Bengals came away with a huge win. The Bengals were 9 point underdogs but ended up covering the spread by 16. The Packer defense didn’t look quite as good against Carson Palmer and company.

Tampa Bay vs. Buffalo- The Bills were favored by 4 in this game and ended up covering by 9. The Bucs never really got things going as the Bills moved along with an easy win.

Pittsburgh vs. Chicago- The Steelers proved that they are beatable as the Bears knocked them off with a late field goal. The Steelers were favored by 3 and the Bears covered by 6. The Steelers offense has some problems and they need to get them fixed if they’re planning on winning another Super Bowl.

Baltimore vs. San Diego- The Ravens were actually 1 point underdogs in this game and came away covering by 6. They proved that their defense is indeed stout and the offense is actually moving the ball. Joe Flacco looks like a legit quarterback and the rest of the league should watch out.

Indianapolis vs. Miami- The Colts only had the ball for 15 minutes in the game and still somehow won the game. This was one of the most amazing displays of efficiency that you’ll ever see. The Colts were favored by 3 and they covered by 4. Peyton Manning definitely still has it.

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