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2009 Chicago Bulls NBA Betting Picks Preview

Published on: 15th October, 2009

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2009 Chicago Bulls Season Preview by Vernon Croy

The NBA season is quickly approaching and the Chicago Bull’s fans couldn’t be more excited. Not that they really did anything to improve their team this offseason, they just generally get excited before every season. They keep hoping that MJ will walk back through the door and it will be 10 years ago and he can lead them to another title. Short of that happening, they probably aren’t going to go very far this season. If you’re looking for free NBA picks, don’t expect the Bulls to return to glory this season.

The Good News: The good news is that they still have Luol Deng, John Salmons, Derrick Rose, and Brad Miller. They added Jannero Pargo in the offseason which should help with depth in the backcourt. They still have a pretty good coach in Vinny Del Negro. They finished .500 last season without quite playing up to their potential. I think John Salmons is a serviceable scorer and player at the shooting guard position. Deng is a borderline All-Star type player on the wing. Rose is an up-and-coming player in the backcourt. They really do have some pretty decent players already on the team.

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The Bad News: The bad news is that they really didn’t do anything to improve. When Jannero Pargo is the crowning achievement of the offseason, you’re probably in trouble. They went .500 last year and apparently the front office decided that practice in the offseason would be enough to get them to the NBA Finals this year. In addition to that, they lost their best player in Ben Gordon to the Pistons. Anytime you lose your best offensive player, there will be a definite transition period in replacing the scoring lost. The other players will be forced to change their games and the chemistry of the team will be affected.

While they do have some promising young players like Derrick Rose and Luol Deng, who is their “go-to” guy? They seem more like a college all-star team than a legitimate NBA team? Who on that team is going to be able to match up against Lebron? Kobe? The Celtics Big 3? They really don’t have any star players. Rose could be an elite point guard someday, but he’s not going to be a dominate player. Many other teams in the East went out and made themselves better. The Cavs went out and got Shaq. The Celtics picked up Rasheed Wallace. Even the Magic who were just in the Finals last year went out and picked up Vince Carter. It seems like everyone who was already good got better, while the Bulls just kind of sat on their hands and then picked up Jannero Pargo. Not a very inspiring offseason if you’re a Bulls fan.

Outlook: If you’re looking for free basketball picks, don’t expect the Chicago Bulls to win the division this year. They’ll probably hover around the .500 mark again and possibly make the playoffs as a lower seed. Beyond that, I wouldn’t expect much out of them.

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