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2009 Washington Redskins Season Preview

Published on: 13th September, 2009

Washington Redskins Season Preview  | read this item

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    2009 Washington Redskins Season Preview

    The 2008 season saw the Washington Redskins finish in 4th place in the division despite having an 8-8 record. They started out strong and kind of fizzled down the stretch. The offseason was full of drama and owner Daniel Snyder trying to buy every expensive free agent out there again. They tried to land Jay Cutler to replace their ineffective quarterback Jason Campbell. While they tried to do a lot of wheeling and dealing, it remains to be seen whether or not the moves will pay off. If you’re looking for free football picks, don’t expect the Redskins to do much damage in an extremely tough NFC East division.

    The Good News: The best news of the offseason came about one minute after the dawn of free agency. Miraculously they were able to negotiate a $100 million dollar contract for Albert Haynesworth in only one minute! But seriously, they landed a dominate defensive tackle from the Titans, who singlehandedly made the Titans defense good. He should add a lot to the Washington Redskins team. They also brought in a good pass rusher out of Texas in Brian Orakpo. They used their first round pick on him and he should contribute immediately with a pass rush off the edge.

    The Bad News: While they bolstered up an already decent defense, they didn’t really do much to help the anemic offense. Last year they finished 28th in the league in scoring. Anytime you finish 28th in any area (there are only 32 teams) you would think you would do something to try and fix it. Apparently Snyder thinks that Haynesworth will just sack the opposing quarterback three or four times per game, strip the football each time, and run it in for a touchdown. If not, the scoring column will probably be a lot like last year.

    The one thing that they reportedly tried to do for the offense was acquire Jay Cutler for quarterback. While it would have helped the offense, now it might hurt the offense. Anytime your team tries to trade for someone to replace you, you’re probably going to be upset about it. Just ask Jay Cutler. Therefore, Jason Campbell probably realizes that the team has lost some confidence in him being anything more than a placeholder until they can find a real quarterback. When you know the coaching staff doesn’t have confidence in you, it can sometimes affect your play.

    While they still have Clinton Portis at runningback, their receivers are a little weak. Santana Moss is a good player, but when he’s your best option, you’re kind of in trouble. When you combine him with Randle-El on the other side, you’ve got two little guys that are supposed to be shifty. Usually there is one role for someone like that on your team. The Redskins think they can get it done with their top two receivers fitting this role.

    Outlook: If you’re looking for free NFL picks, I would expect the Redskins to bring up the rear in the division again. They really didn’t do anything that is going to make that much of a difference for them this year.

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