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NFL Betting – Colts To Stay Perfect Versus Texans

Published on: 29th November, 2009

Colts Vs Texans Predictions - Week 12 NFL Picks  | read this item

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NFL Betting – Colts To Stay Perfect Versus Texans

The Houston Texans have to pick themselves up off the mat once again after yet another discouraging fourth quarter failure. On Monday Night Football, NFL betting fans saw Texans kicker Kris Brown miss his second consecutive fourth quarter game-tying field goal attempt, which led to another Texans loss.

This week, the task doesn’t get any easier for Houston as the undefeated Indianapolis Colts come to town. The Texans have a lot of trouble with their division rivals. Sports betting cappers should note that in 15 matchups between the franchises, the Texans have only won once.

When the Colts offense is on the field

One of the reasons why the Colts have dominated the Texans is because they have Peyton Manning and a group of stellar wide receivers, and the Texans have a weak secondary and virtually no pass rush.

Is there any reason to believe things will change?

The Colts still have Manning and he’s having an MVP-caliber season. Beyond that, they have a slew of wide receivers from Reggie Wayne to Pierre Garcon to tight end Dallas Clark that will continue to give the Texans a hard time. Even though the Colts are on the road, the elements won’t be a factor in this game and they should have no problems moving the ball up and down the field.

When the Texans offense is on the field

For the Texans, their offense can be prolific but it clearly stalls at times. If they want to be at full force, they are going to have to trust Steve Slaton and get him involved. If the Texans become a one-dimensional passing team against the Colts, the stellar Colts ends are going to pin their ears back and mow down the Texans.

If the Texans can run with Slaton, it will allow them to play keep away and keep the Colts potent offense on the sidelines.

Outlook & Pick

The Texans are still the Texans the Colts are still the Colts. Manning will continue to pick apart the Texans defense and the Texans will continue to play from behind.

The difference between these two teams is execution. While the Colts are the best in the business, the Texans – as evidenced by their continuous fourth quarter failures – are still a work in progress.

The Colts will stay perfect with another big win.

Colts Texans Betting Odds: Colts -3.5

NFL Picks: Colts -3.5

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