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Service Units ROI Pct WL
Freddy Wills +400.0 +88.3% 100.0% 4-0
Doc's Sports +300.0 +95.8% 100.0% 3-0
Carlo Campanella +200.0 +88.9% 100.0% 2-0
Ben Burns +193.0 +45.0% 75.0% 3-1
Jim Feist +184.0 +28.8% 66.7% 4-2
Tony Karpinski +86.0 +26.3% 66.7% 2-1
Jeff Allen +65.0 +11.8% 60.0% 3-2
Service Units ROI Pct WL
Matt Fargo +805.0 +74.9% 90.0% 9-1
Steve Merril +544.0 +31.1% 68.8% 11-5
Ben Burns +465.0 +28.6% 66.7% 10-5
Jack Jones +340.0 +20.6% 64.3% 9-5
Doc's Sports +230.0 +18.5% 63.6% 7-4
Freddy Wills +151.0 +8.6% 56.2% 9-7
Jeff Allen +33.0 +2.3% 53.9% 7-6
Tony Karpinski +11.0 +0.5% 52.6% 10-9
Service Units ROI Pct WL
Jack Jones +970.0 +21.4% 64.9% 24-13
Freddy Wills +692.0 +19.4% 60.6% 20-13
Jeff Allen +666.0 +17.8% 61.8% 21-13
Matt Fargo +638.0 +16.4% 62.5% 20-12
Carlo Campanella +416.0 +19.6% 63.2% 12-7 “Your Sports Betting Headquarters” has everything you need to bet on sports successfully. We have the World's top documented sports betting experts that provide free sports picks and guaranteed sports picks to put you on the winning side.

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World Champion Jeff Allen is dialed into two college basketball releases for Wednesday that get the money like a Lebron led 4-on-1 break. Home floor, matchup, number ... everything is in place here for an easy rocking chair winner.

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