Wager Score FAQs

Below you’ll get answers to the questions we get most about the Wager Score.

What data is accessed through Plaid Asset reports?

Asset Reports are created on a per-user basis and include a snapshot of information about a user’s identity, transaction history, discretionary income, monthly expenses, and account balances. This data is used to determine a user’s Wager Score.

How does Wager Score work?

Wager Score securely monitors your wagering activity and financial data to provide you with real-time affordability notifications via text and email as well as tailored responsible gaming resources when you play on participating operator sites. That way, you have the data you need to bet responsibly, give back at no extra cost, and not overspend.

Real-time notifications and responsible gaming resources will vary based on the proportion of discretionary income a user spends on gaming. The first trigger notifies a user when they spend 25% of their discretionary income on gaming, the second at 50%, the third at 75%, and the 4th at 100%+.

What data impacts my Wager Score?

A combination of data points impacts your Wager Score including average monthly income, the amount spent on gaming, and the payment sources used to wager. For example, using credit cards may negatively impact your score.

How is the Wager Score calculated? Or what factors are used to calculate a Wager Score?

Your initial score is based on your average monthly income over the three past months. Changes to your Wager Score are calculated according to the amount of discretionary income you spend on gaming, how you fund your gaming activity, and changes to your discretionary income.

What activity impacts my Wager Score?

Your Wager Score is based on your monthly income, frequency of deposits, deposit amounts, types of deposits, and the proportion of discretionary income you spend on gaming. How you fund your gaming activities (e.g. credit cards, ACH, or direct deposits) also impacts your score. Thresholds for affordability alerts are relative to the percent of available discretionary income a user has in their linked account(s).

Does having multiple bank accounts impact my Wager Score?

We use the transactions from your day-to-day expense account to calculate your affordability score and track the use of your discretionary income on gaming. Players may link multiple accounts through Plaid to account for liquidity and additional sources of discretionary income.

Does my wagering activity on multiple sites impact my Wager Score?

Wager Score monitors your linked financial account(s) to track transactions on participating gaming operator sites. Real-time affordability alerts are only available when you play on participating operator sites.

How will I be notified if my Wager Score changes?

When a Wager Score user experiences a change in their score when playing on a participating site, they will receive a text message and email that includes real-time affordability data and resources to help them bet smart and not overspend.

A Wager Score financial empowerment professional will call users who spend 75% or more of their discretionary income on gaming to provide them with resources to protect their financial health and mitigate the risks of problem gaming.

When will I be notified if my Wager Score changes?

Wager Score users unlock access to notifications about their affordability and discretionary income spending on participating gaming sites daily when and if their score changes. Users who wager or play on gaming operator sites who do not participate will not receive updates about their Wager Score.

Will I receive notifications from Wager Score, or affordability alerts, if I play or wager with multiple operators?

A user’s Wager Score is only impacted by gaming activity on a participating operator’s site.

Will I be prompted to take any action if my Wager Score decreases?

Yes, users will be prompted via text message and email to review data about your affordability and activity impacting their Wager Score. Some users may be asked to answer questions so Wager Score can provide them with tailored resources and responsible gaming support.

Will I be prompted to take any action if my Wager Score increases?

Wager Score users who maintain good and excellent Wager Scores will receive alerts when their score increases.

What impacts a Wager Score?

Wager Scores changes are relative to the amount of discretionary income a user spends on gaming and how users fund their play.

How can I improve my Wager Score?

Maintaining consistent discretionary spending on gaming and only funding your account with available funds, and not using credit cards to fund play, is the best way to improve your Wager Score.

Does the use of a credit card to wager impact my Wager Score?

Yes. Using credit cards or “borrowing” money on a credit card to gamble or fund gaming may encourage consumers to spend beyond their means in the heat of play. Wager Score monitors our user’s gaming funding sources on participating operator sites to provide timely notifications to help you bet smart and not overspend.

Does the time of day that I place wagers impact my Wager Score?

No. Your Wager Score changes based on wagering data that impacts your real-time affordability.

Will my Wager Score be impacted by the amount I wager?

Your Wager Score will only change based on the amount you wager relative to your real-time affordability data.

How do I know if my Wager Score is good? Bad? Excellent?

Score RangeScore ValueWhat it means for you
649 or lessBadSpending 100% or more of your discretionary income


Spending more than 75% of your discretionary income

700-749GoodSpending less than 50% of your discretionary income
750-800ExcellentSpending less than 25% of your discretionary income

How do I make sure a portion of my bets and/or wagers will fund nonprofits?

Once users receive their Wager Score, they may elect to play on a participating operator’s site and have a portion of their bets, win or lose, fund a nonprofit of their choosing. Annually, users will receive an email with directions on how select a nonprofit to receive donations at no extra cost to the user.

How can I pick a nonprofit or cause to receive donations?

Users can pick any 501c3 nonprofit or charity organization once a year via email.

Are Wager Score donations tax-deductible?

Yes, Wager Score users’ donations are tax-deductible for itemized returns. Consult your tax advisor for further guidance.

Does Wager Score sell or share my data?

No. We don’t share or sell your personal information for advertising or marketing purposes.

How Does Wager Score make money?

Wager Score receives a one time activation fee and/or a monthly reoccurring fee from gaming operators for each subscriber that takes responsible gaming into their own hands and signs up with a participating gaming operator.