We’re obsessed with creating a more socially responsible sports betting industry! Join us to protect players, give back to causes that matter and promote equality for all to thrive.

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A Win-Win For You & Society

Wager Score users unlock access to technology and resources designed to protect them from reckless betting. That means more responsible wagering and fewer risks for society.


Bet Smart, Give Back

Wager Score will donate $100 to a local nonprofit partner every time a bettor signs up to get a Wager Score and makes a qualifying deposit on a participating gaming operator site.

Eligibility varies by state*

Responsible Gaming Partners

Our partners share our mission to protect your financial health and wellness and increase opportunities for all to thrive. Together, we work to expand the reach of responsible gaming resources and increase the use of tools to mitigate the risks of harmful play.

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Mission & Values

Wager Score strongly values cross-sector collaboration and is working to create a more socially responsible gaming industry. We believe sustainability is possible when education and financial empowerment resources are accessible to all and industry leaders adopt technology solutions to protect players.

Wager Score is committed to equity, inclusion, and dignity for all. Full stop. We insist on a culture of respect and recognize that our words and actions matter.

Harm Reduction Principles

Wager Score’s harm reduction approach is a set of practical strategies and principles for reducing negative consequences associated with harmful play and reckless chasing. Our harm reduction approach is also a movement for economic justice built on a belief in, and respect for, the well-being of people who engage in sports betting and gambling activity.

The following principles are central to our harm reduction practice:



Sports betting is a legal, beloved activity that’s gaining popularity across diverse demographics.



Gambling addiction is a complex, multi-faceted phenomenon that permeates the sports betting world.



Poverty, racism, and other social inequalities affect sports bettors’ vulnerability to and capacity for dealing with gambling addiction.



Expanding sports bettors’ access to responsible gaming resources and financial empowerment tools will help mitigate risks and reduce the harm associated with reckless play.



Empowering players with resources to help them identify markers of harm and tools to protect their financial health are keys to creating a more socially responsible industry.



An individualized, human-centered approach that combats stereotypes and personalizes problem gambling is imperative to reducing stigma and harm.



Ensuring diverse representation of sports bettors’ are routinely included in the creation of programs and policies designed to serve them is necessary to reduce harm.

Join the Responsible Gaming Movement

Join us to lift the next generation and help disrupt the sports betting world to make it more socially responsible for all.

Then, watch the industry transform—as we empower the more than 50% of Americans ages 21-29 —who bet online with resources to protect their financial health and ways to fund your nonprofit—with the pride of knowing you helped make it possible.

Opportunities to partner with Wager Score® vary and can be customized to meet your organization’s impact, fundraising, and marketing objectives.

Contact us to learn how you can join the movement to protect the financial health of future generations and increase funding for your cause.

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