Tennessee Titans and Wager Score Announce Responsible Sports Gaming Partnership with the Launch of “Don’t Fumble Your Finances” Campaign to Promote Responsible Gaming Tips to Mitigate Risks of Harmful Play

Tennessee Titans and Wager Score Announce Responsible Sports Gaming Partnership

Wager Score ®, a patented platform that provides sports bettors with safe, free affordability scores and personalized updates to protect user finances, today announced a partnership with the Tennessee Titans to promote responsible sports gaming practices.


The Tennessee Titans are the first National Football League (NFL) team to champion affordability checks to protect the financial health of its fans and community. Wager Score’s fin-tech platform alerts users to timely changes in discretionary income spent on online sports betting, contingent upon gaming operators sharing data, and provides educational insights on how to gamble responsibly and not overspend.


The ‘Don’t Fumble Your Finances’ campaign aims to educate sports bettors and parents about responsible gambling practices as sports betting rapidly expands in the United States.  According to data intelligence agency Morning Consult, the legalized U.S. sports betting market doubled in 2021, with more than $52.7 billion wagered throughout the year.


“Wager Score was built for Sunday. To see it come to life with Titans’ support to protect the next generation is truly amazing,” said Bo Grey, founder of Wager Score. “We are championing a Movement to empower Gen Z to take responsible gaming into their own hands and make socially responsible sports betting an industry standard.”


The need for education programs to mitigate the risks of problem gambling should start earlier than most people think. Approximately 39.5% of 12-17-year-olds reported they’ve gambled for money in the last year. This football season, a record 46.6 million Americans (18%) plan to bet on the NFL up 3% from last year, according to new American Gaming Association (AGA) research.


Operators are spending billions to convert new users in the U.S, with sports betting companies expected to invest $2.1 billion this year in acquiring new customers.


“The Titans are proud to partner with Wager Score to empower football fans with resources that can help protect their financial health and mitigate risks of problem play,” said Gil Beverly, Titans Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing & Revenue Officer. “We hope many of our fans and friends will be come early adopters of the cutting-edge technology offered by Wager Score.”


Affordability checks mitigate the possibility of sports bettors getting into financial difficulty and are one of the most critical interventions for mitigating problem play. As the popularity of the sports betting entertainment industry continues to grow, Wager Score is working to provide users with the financial data and responsible gaming education they need so they only spend what they can afford.

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Wager Score® is a patented technology designed to protect sports bettors’ financial health and minimize the risk of harmful play through the delivery of timely affordability data and responsible gaming education. Wager Score’s first-of-its-kind technology has caught the attention of policymakers and the next generation of increasingly


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